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Meet the Owners

Brian and Lisa Shults Residential Specialtis

My name is Brian Shults. I have been in the construction trade in some capacity for over 20 years. I started out as a framer for commercial businesses. I quickly moved up the later as a foreman running my own sites to building hotels, apartment homes, movie theatres and much more. I branched off from the commercial construction business by creating Residential Specialties general contracting business in 2010.


I found my passion for residential remodeling by working with clients to solve problems they may have with their homes or to make total transformation that will help them be more functional and to fall in love with their homes like the first time they walked in it. 

Brian & Lisa Shults

Brian and Lisa Shults Residential Specialtis

My wife, Lisa, has been a passionate in-facility Mental Health Caregiver for the last 10 years. She enjoys building effective relationships and taking care of those who are unable to do it for themselves. 

She enjoys baking, gardening, canning and being my partner and best advocate. 

Throughout the course of Residential Specialties, we have worked with countless clients on small and large scale remodeling projects. We strive to stay one of the Williamson County's top rated locally owned and operated remodeling companies. 

Meet the Remodeling Team

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