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Remodeling Process

We are ready to partner with our clients to create the vision of their home into reality. With a detailed planning stage before we begin your home renovation project, we are able to deliver the results you deserve. 

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Our Detailed Remodeling Process


It all Begins with an idea

Looking for more space, bathroom upgrade, a new kitchen? You have a vision for your home and you can trust us to bring that vision to life. 


In-Home Consultation

During your consultation, we will visit your home to view the project in person. We will ask questions, take measurements, confirm investment and verify that we fully understand your vision. 


Customer Approval

This is where the fun begins! By this point, we have gone over the details of your project, you sign off that the proposed changes to your home are want you want and we sign off on the cost of the project. 



Things change on every project, especially in times of supply shortages. Whether that be material availability, permit hiccups, etc. As the project progresses, we make sure that you are kept up-to-date on the progress and any other setbacks along the way. If you have questions or concerns during this stage, we encourage you to reach out and ask questions. 


Contact Us

Get in touch over the phone or through our detailed contact form. When we connect, we will listen to your vision to get all the details from you. We can assist with one project or multiple projects throughout your house: kitchen, bathrooms, additions or garage conversions. 


Detailed Bid

A detailed bid provides a breakdown of exactly what expenses you can expect for your project. This will detail out of the variables of your project.



All the planning and preparation come together and we arrive on site at the project. We make sure that we protect your home by setting up our work environment that makes the job run both smooth and efficient.



The planning, preparation and implantation have all come together to bring you a completed project. After we pack up, you have done final inspections - we want you to sit back and enjoy the anticipated space you have been dreaming for so long!

We look forward to building with you!

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